Ping-Pong en Ligne™

A simple, fast and fun way to manage your ping-pong activities online!

Less managing, more playing!

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When Ping-Pong en Ligne’s features do not exactly fit your needs, why change the way you run your club?

We are available to help you with personalized and targeted developments to meet your exact needs.

Member management and online registrations

Allow players to sign up for your online activities. Manage your members' online registrations and payments.

Here are some statistics from Ping-Pong en Ligne

48 Facilities
43 Clubs & Teams
164 Players
971 Matches

Activate online booking on your courts

Allow players to book online on your courts. Manage court time slots with an advanced booking kiosk.

Other innovative features

Your Website Manage a great website powered by your data on Ping-Pong en Ligne.
Automated Schedules Automate the scheduling of your leagues and tournaments with a powerful match-generating software.
Ping-Pong Leagues Create different types of leagues like ladder, round-robin, rotation and even custom leagues.
Ping-Pong Tournaments Create different types of categories like Round-Robin with finals, single elimination and double elimination.
Experience Points Proven experience point system allowing you to compare skill levels of your players.
Rankings Benefit from different types of rankings like win/lost, experience points and even personalized according to your club's criteria.
Coaches Notify your students from any changes to your courses.
Trophies & Badges Offer virtual badges and trophies to your players to encourage them to participate in your activities.

Ping-Pong en Ligne mobile application (soon)

Ping-Pong en Ligne Mobile is a companion of the web application that allows you to access some features of Ping-Pong en Ligne directly from your mobile.

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Ping-Pong en Ligne is proudly developed in Longueuil, Québec, Canada